Get your Audi Ready for Covid-19

We have stocked parts for important services to keep your Audi going. Virus outbreak in Europe and future European restrictions might effect our parts supply. We all want to feel safe in our cars. Dynarev recommends replacing your cabin filter, all though cabin filters are rated down to 0.3 microns, the corona viruses SARS-CoV-2 (the actual virus that causes Covid-19) has a size between 0.06 to 0.12 microns. What makes the filter still effective is that the virus attaches to other particles that are bigger. If it dose not attach to a particle, it is small enough that it dose not behave like bigger particles in the air. Particles smaller than 0.3 microns exhibit what’s called brownian motion – which makes them easier to filter. Brownian motion refers to a phenomenon whereby the particle’s mass is small enough that it no longer travels unimpeded through the air. Instead it interacts with the molecules in the air (nitrogen, oxygen, etc), causing it to pinball between them, moving in an erratic pattern. Lab studies show that SARS-CoV-2 stays a live for up to 3 hours suspended in the air. Driving threw a populated area with out any type of filtration puts you at risk. Remember that the virus also spreads threw touch so remember to disinfect door handles and steering wheel, shifter and all items that you keep on touching.

Volkswagen Golf R420 confirmed for production


In November last year, we reported that an uber Golf, dubbed the R 400, was mooted for production. Now, as understood by CAR UK, the Volkswagen Golf R420 has been given the official production thumbs up. The good news was confirmed by none other than Volkswagen’s powertrain honcho, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser.


First, a bit of a recap for those not too familiar with what’s going on. Back in April 2014, Volkswagen revealed the Golf R 400 Concept which (surprise, surprise) consisted mainly of parts sourced from production vehicles, albeit with a dash of racing technology. Still, the overall product appeared as if it was ready for production, fuelling production rumours further.


So why the slight name change? According to Volkswagen, the Golf R420 will be the first production car to feature the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine from the Audi TT quattro sport concept. While exact power figures remain a mystery, the public can expect the R420 to possess more than 400 hp.


Dynarev is looking for a Technician specializing in Audi and VW.

Dynarev,Inc.Mundelein, IL
Dynarev is known for its exacting standards, relentless performance and uncompromising quality. Although you may associate those qualities with our brand, these characteristics also describe our employees. Everything we’ve accomplished and everything we’ve come to stand for has been a direct result of people who work here. If you can imagine yourself a part of our team, we invite you to learn more.Job Description
As an Automotive Technician (Automotive Mechanic) you will quickly and efficiently perform routine maintenance and identify the cause of breakdowns and repair them using the most optimal solutions.Job Responsibilities

  • Perform work specified on maintenance and repair orders with efficiency and in accordance with industry standards
  • Diagnose and repair vehicle automotive systems including engine, transmission, electrical, steering, suspension, braking, air conditioning, etc. to specification
  • Provide labor and time estimates for additional automotive repairs
  • Explain mechanical diagnoses and required repairs in a non-technical manner to customers
  • Continuously learn new technical information and techniques in formal training sessions in order to stay abreast with rapidly changing technology.
  • Maintains an organized neat and safe bay.
  • Routinely inspects, maintains and makes necessary repairs and/or adjustments to machinery necessary for an efficient and safe work environment.

Job Requirements
As an Automotive Technician (Automotive Mechanic), you will be experienced and aware of the latest automotive technologies and be a persistent problem solver. We have determined some factors that may enable your success as an Automotive Technician:

  • At least 1-2 years of strong automotive mechanical diagnosis, problem-solving and repair experience
  • Must have experience with Audi or VW
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Own your own tools
  • Team oriented, flexible and focused on maintaining a high level of customer service
  • Working knowledge of shop equipment such as diagnostic equipment, AC equipment, etc.)

Mad Max Fury Road May15

Even tho most of the cars are from 1930s to 1980s, at the end of the day we are all car enthusiast. All cars and people are real “NO CGI”, that alone is worth seeing the movie. Coming out May 15th.