Removing wiper switch on a TT

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Removing wiper switch on a TT

Post by audimaniak » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:02 am

This is a Guide on how to remove wiper switch from a TT.
its from my head, so some things might not be correct

1. First make sure the steering wheel is straight, including your wheels.
2. Disconnect battery ( always wise when disconnecting airbags)
3. Remove Air bag- 2 torx left and right on in back of steering wheel.(might need to unlock column and move forward to make more room)
4. Once air bag is disconnected and any other connectors, depending on your options, unbolt the steering wheel, but don't remove it yet (triple square in the center-don't forget to put lock tight on it when putting it together), Now mark the position of the steering wheel to the shaft (its splined in). Once marked you can pull the steering wheel straight out.
5. Now 2 screws should be exposed on front of steering column cover, remove those, 2 screw from the bottom in the front part of the cover, 1 hex bolt by the column release lever. Now the bottom and top part of the column covers can be separated.
6. Disconnect any connectors on the spiral spring(first thing down from where the steering wheel was attached). Now remove the spiral spring- 4 tabs from each side(DO NOT TURN ANY THING ON THE SPIRAL SPRING) set on the side, make sure it will not be disturbed.
7. Now you can remove wiper switch and turn signal switch together- there is a band in the back side with hex bolt on it, you need to loosen the bolt before pulling the assembly off.
8. The wiper switch can now be separated form the turn signal switch- a lot of little torx screws holding them together, if you have the new switch in front of you, look at witch screws hold them together, once the screws are removed they should slide apart forward.
9. Put every thing together in revers order. Don't forget lock tight on the steering wheel securing bolt.
Traction control might show up but if you drive it for couple of minutes it should go off, if not, you will need to adopt the steering angle sensor using VAG-COM.

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Re: Removing wiper switch on a TT

Post by MichalD » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:25 am

Thanks for the Guide.

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Re: Removing wiper switch on a TT

Post by Nieznany0 » Wed May 03, 2017 9:47 pm


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