Coolant Leak at Oil Cooler Hoses

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Coolant Leak at Oil Cooler Hoses

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Coolant Leak at Oil Cooler Hoses

TSB 17-04–06
Dec. 13, 2004
A4, A6 w/ 2.7L V6 (Eng. code APB, BEL)2000 -2005
A4, A6 w/ 2.8L V6 (Eng. code AHA, ATQ)1998 -2001
A4, A6 w/ 3.0L V6 (Eng. code AVK)2002-2005


Coolant leaking at oil cooler hoses.
May be caused by oil cooler turning when
removing or installing the oil filter.
When replacing the oil filter:
– Observe oil cooler when loosening oil filter.
If necessary, hold oil cooler while removing
filter. If oil cooler moves too far, damage to
coolant hoses may result!
If oil cooler moves from its original position:
– With oil filter removed, loosen oil cooler nut
(arrow) and adjust cooler back to its original
position (against stop -white arrow- if
– Check oil cooler hoses.
*Cooler hoses should not be twisted or
– Tighten oil cooler nut (Torque = 30Nm).
– Install oil filter and tighten by hand making
sure that oil cooler does not move.
– Inspect cooler hoses to ensure they are not
twisted or pinched.
Installation instructions are now printed on oil
filters (no change in part Numbers)
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Re: Coolant Leak at Oil Cooler Hoses

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