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I bet you're tired of paying an arm and a leg to get your Audi serviced at the dealership. Who wouldn't be? Those guys charge an average of $225 an hour! That's highway robbery! But don't worry, there's a better option out there. You could try going to an independent shop, but let's be real, most of them are too scared to even touch a German car. And the ones that do often break more parts than they fix because they don't know what they're doing. If you're one of the lucky few who found a decent independent shop, hold onto them tight, because circumstances can change in the blink of an eye.

But here's the good news: Dynarev is here to save the day. Our team of Audi-trained technicians is here to provide you with top-notch service without the crazy dealership prices. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy by offering high-quality service at a fair price. In fact, our shop rate is only $120 an hour, which is $20 less than most other shops in the area. How do we do it? By carefully managing our finances and having self-reliant technicians who can do it all, from talking to customers to making educated decisions about what needs to be done.

We've been a mobile service since 2007, so we know a thing or two about being efficient. And because we value transparency, our technicians will show you any necessary parts and explain exactly what needs to be done to get your Audi running like new. So if you're tired of overpaying for dealership service or getting subpar work from an independent shop, give Dynarev a call at 847-371-1937. We promise to save you time and money and keep your Audi running like a dream.

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At Dynarev, we take pride in offering the highest level of expertise and quality in servicing Audi vehicles. Our team of factory-trained mechanics has the knowledge and experience to handle any job, big or small, with precision and care. We believe in using only the best, and that's why we exclusively use OEM parts for all repairs. These parts are identical to those sold by dealerships, but without the inflated price tag.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just our technicians. We know that having your car serviced can be a hassle, so we offer the convenience of bringing our garage to you! With our mobile service, one of our experienced technicians will arrive at your doorstep and perform all the necessary work while you relax at home. No need to waste time at a dealership or shop.

We understand that cost is a major concern for Audi owners, which is why we keep our rates affordable without sacrificing quality. Our technicians are self-reliant and make educated decisions to keep our operating costs low. Plus, we offer transparent pricing, and won't undertake any work until you have been informed of the costs.

.Audi Brake

At Dynarev, we are always ready to take on new challenges. If you have a problem that no other shop can fix, don't stress. Bring it to us, and our expert technicians will work diligently to find a solution. We treat all of our customers like family and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

So, if you want dealer quality without the dealer price, give us a call today. Let us show you why Dynarev is the best choice for all your Audi service needs.

What happens when you call...

Hometune Call Center1.  We book a time and place that best suits you, to have our technician come and service your Audi, at your work or home.

2.  Our technician arrives within a designated time, and assesses the work booked with you.

3.  We inform you about the work required before proceeding, and any additional services your car may require.

4.  Upon receiving your approval, our technician performs the work immediately, with most car parts being available 'on-site', or stocked locally at our distribution network.

FAQ: Should I spend my money on a new timing belt and other scheduled maintenance that is due for my Audi or should I just by a new car?


A4 timing belt

Answer: With our revolutionary mobile Audi repair station, now you have an alternate option. Instead of going to a dealer and spending a small fortune, you can use our services. Dynarev has affordable timing belt package for your Audi. With Dynarev Service labor rate at $80.00 per hour and our discounted prices on all our quality OEM parts, you will save tons of money compared to your dealership or local independent shop. Now suddenly your Audi is a lot cheaper to maintain, and will save you money in the long run. Now for example if you where to buy a new car, payments will range $300 to $700 per month, now on top of that add any insurance premiums going up and new car depreciation that will cause the car to loose 1000’s of dollars right after purchase. On the other hand your used Audi is probably paid off by now and if it’s not, the payments should be substantially less then on a new car. So even if you pay over $1000 for a quality Audi timing belt replacement, you will still save thousands of dollars, which we all need in today’s economy. Now you get the best of both worlds, affordability and quality work in one convenient package.


Audi Academy

Serving Chicago and Lake County area, our team of technicians is Audi trained and are dealership experienced. To provide the best quality and customer service Dynarev requires all of our technicians to be up to date with ASE certifications. We treat all of our customers like family and keep them 100% satisfied by keeping our prices low and quality high - satisfaction guaranteed. There is no problem that is too hard for us to fix, give us a try, and call for a free estimate. We promise to save you time and money, keep you happy, and your Audi running as it should.


Dynarev has the tools, technical knowledge, and experience to fix your Audi correctly the first time.


Just call or text us and our friendly Service Consultant will answer any question you may have.

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